Kona Kona

Kona Kona is a little odd when you first think of it. First off, the Urdu name translates to English as "Corner Corner", which really doesn't seem to make much sense. But it's fun to play nevertheless. Number of players: Five, but up to seven will be OK. Age range: 4-8 (older kids will be… Continue reading Kona Kona

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Name, Place, Animal, Thing

When I Googled this game, I was horrified to see that the first result was of this game on Alexa, on the Amazon website! I've always known it to be a pencil-and-paper game - I've played it since I was five - and also one of the best learning games. It really improves your vocabulary!… Continue reading Name, Place, Animal, Thing


Baraf Pani

Baraf Pani is a popular game among Pakistani kids. It literally means "Ice and Water", and is a version of freeze tag. It's also similar to Chor Police. It is, however, quick to be understood and fun to play. Number of players: At least three, the more the better.Age range: 5+Place needed: A large outdoor… Continue reading Baraf Pani


Murderer In the Dark

As the title suggests, this game is rather creepy. (No chickens allowed, please.) It can only be played in a pitch-black setting, which is why older kids often join in. Number of players: At least five, the more the better.Age range: 8+, however this also depends on the nature of the kids. Place needed: A… Continue reading Murderer In the Dark


Pillow Queen

A very fun game that can be played amongst kids of almost all ages! And that's not all - we even made it ourselves. Number of players: At least five.Age range: 7+ Place needed: One big room, mostly empty so that all the players can sit in a large circle with a lot of space… Continue reading Pillow Queen