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The Most Valuable Cake Baking Tips I’ve Learned

So today I decided to bake a cake to satisfy my constant chocolate-craving. Nothing special - just the usual classic chocolate cake recipe which has been made in our house for over six years. (Credit goes to some online cookery game my older sister used to play and whoever was kind enough to put up… Continue reading The Most Valuable Cake Baking Tips I’ve Learned

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Homemade Eggless Chocolate Custard

I have a particular fondness for all things chocolate, although I am an extremely picky eater and thus do not eat anything sweet unless it is chocolatey. Naturally I also love chocolate custard, but packaged mixes for it are rarely found here in Pakistan now (for some strange reason). Perhaps that is why one of… Continue reading Homemade Eggless Chocolate Custard

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Caring for Cats

For as long as I can remember, cats (or as we call them, cattos) have always been part of our family. We have had more than twenty cats over the years. Me and my family, with the exception of my mom, all looove cats. Right now, I have three cats--one big Persian one, Muffin, and… Continue reading Caring for Cats