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Name, Place, Animal, Thing

When I Googled this game, I was horrified to see that the first result was of this game on Alexa, on the Amazon website! I've always known it to be a pencil-and-paper game - I've played it since I was five - and also one of the best learning games. It really improves your vocabulary!… Continue reading Name, Place, Animal, Thing


Revival of Iqbal’s poetry by homeschoolers

Recently, a group of us homeschooling kids (age range 5-18) have been studying some of the great poet Allama Iqbal's poems. We take on one poem every week. Here's how we do it: We have a WhatsApp group which is kind of like an online class - more like a study group. After a new… Continue reading Revival of Iqbal’s poetry by homeschoolers