Be a Flower

sincerely scribbled

Coming in various shades, sizes, shapes and touch. Starting from similar seeds yet growing to be unique. Standing tall, straight and bold all together in a garden. Not caring if one looks different from the other, not caring if one is old and wilted,is a beautiful example for us, the flower!

Be a flower in the garden of humanity. Be unique, be yourself, stand together, don’t care for looks, because that’s not which will differentiate you from the others or make the others differentiate from you. We all started from seeds yet grow to be unique. You’re a flower seed so live up to it to become a flower. Don’t let go of it, or you’ll stay a seed.

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Live Like Martyrs

Aymun Thinks

A tribute to the brave souls who were lost in Christchurch, on Friday, 15 March 2019.

In a masjid, a man with guns, filled with hate
Was met with a message of peace at the gate,
“Hello, brother,” were the last words before the shot
That sent a loving soul up above on the spot.

The bullets found a home, and they fell, one by one
The carpets were soaked a he emptied his gun,
Even as they got shot, the protected each other,
Every man, not for himself — but for his brother.

Death came in the place they loved to be,
Where Allah had gathered them especially early,
They were praying, reciting, or in in prostration,
Elders, teenagers, even innocent children;

Shahadah, on a Friday, on the carpets of a mosque,
That too in New Zealand — who would’ve thought? —
That they would be granted a status…

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Global Warming

sincerely scribbled

The problem we are facing today is the earth is warming up at an alarming speed. Because people are making too much carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels in factories and vehicles. And our living style in cities is adding extra carbon in the air.

Carbon dioxide is also called greenhouse gas. It traps the heat of the sun to keep the earth warm. Carbon is found in plants on land and plants on the ocean which turns back to the air. The extra carbon we add to air traps extra heat of the sun. Which increases the temperature of the earth.

The Result Of Global Warming:

If the earth gets too warm firstly it will result in melting ice from the Antarctica and Arctic. This will raise the sea level and flood low lying areas. Secondly, it will also change weather patterns across the globe. This means wet places…

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