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Books I wrote

These books are mainly about three girls Amna Akmal, Zaytunah Akmal, Maryam Salman and their adventures working against a bunch of crazy teenage girls, The Pallies’ Club, who love two things: money and irritating people. And they don’t exactly do that through all lawful means…..

All the books are completely free and safe to download and read!

Book 1: Double Trouble!

Amna Akmal wasn’t really expecting a huge adventure when Maryam found a flyer advertising a horse show. But then the Pallies’ show up, and that promises mischief! What could they possibly be doing there? The horse show comes before a kidnapping, which is followed up by a chase in a luxury helicopter and a flying limousine. It’s up to the kids to escape all together and put the Pallies’ to justice.

Note: sorry for the giant headings and the error in the contents (don’t worry, it’s nothing with your device – it’s my fault, I linked a chapter heading to a non-existent chapter). Apparently PDF files don’t support anything other than Calibri. BI

Book 2: Sinister Business

The Pallies’ thought they could get away scot-free every time – but they’re being dealt with more harshly now. They can’t stand it, and they’ve decided to run – at last. But that doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ve seen of them…there is still no rest for Maryam, Amna and Zaytunah! Follow the trio hot on the trail, from the Pallies’ lawn, to Hotel Jai Abhinandan, to a deserted island, and fights and flights in between. Nobody knows what’s in store for them. But it’s something sinister. Something very sinister indeed.

This book was formerly called ‘New Enemies’ but was renamed. Also, please note that it was written in mid-2019, and the words “in March 2020” (see halfway down page 11) was purely a coincidence. (A very creepy one though.)

The Sequel

I’m working on a big book – hopefully 200-250 pages long – which will take several months to complete, and a few more to fully proofread. It’s going to be centered around Maryam, Amna, Zaytunah and Danyal, plus lots of more characters, with much more scope, action and humor in sha Allah! I also plan to go deeper into the characters’ personalities and thoughts as well as the Islamic perspective. I’m sorry for making you guys wait so long – but it’s going to be worth it! (…I hope…)