Assalaamu Alaikum!

Zdravstvuyte. That’s Russian for ‘hello’. I’m not Russian though, I’m Pakistani but I think Russia is cool because, y’know, it’s pretty near the North Pole.

My name’s Hanaa. I’m thirteen, a Michillicken, and in tenth grade. I like cats and horses and three-wattled bellbirds. I live in Islamabad and I like baking, reading, math, computer stuff, and sometimes drawing.

If you’re curious about homeschooling and stuff feel free to contact me or comment on any of my posts! And check out bravelearners.com if you’re an Islamabadian homeschooler, or even if you’re not, actually — there’s an ongoing online event until March 12th. The coolest moms I know are all speaking there, don’t miss it!