W.T.V stands for Websites To Visit, and this page includes a list of websites that I’ve found very useful and would like to share with you.

  • ruqayyah.home.blog : My friend’s blog. Very good articles with a quiz to test your knowledge of them, plus great delicious recipes.
  • homecookingadventure.com : A lot of good recipes, very wide variety. Mouthwatering photography and videos with each post.
  • 1001fonts.com : Lots of free, safe to download fonts.
  • bit.ly : Shorten web links here to send them to people easily. (E.g. if you want to send someone a link to something you’ve researched, and it’s a jumble of 375789834uybfkds/93=gg3!?.rh1344, you can turn it into a respectable bit.ly/b54 or something. You can customize the bit after the slash.)

If you’re a new homsechooler or simply looking into homeschooling, visit these sites. (Considering the fact that I’m eleven, you won’t find any how-to-homeschool posts on this blog.)