Baraf Pani

Baraf Pani is a popular game among Pakistani kids. It literally means “Ice and Water”, and is a version of freeze tag. It’s also similar to Chor Police. It is, however, quick to be understood and fun to play.

  • Number of players: At least three, the more the better.
  • Age range: 5+
  • Place needed: A large outdoor place; a garden or a backyard. A park or a big terrace works too, or even an indoor room, provided it has space sufficient for all the players to run around freely.

How to play:

  1. One player is selected to be ‘It’.
  2. ‘It’ stands in the center of the playing area and counts to three. Then the game begins.
  3. ‘It’ has to run after all the other players. If he/she touches a player and says “Baraf”, the player has to freeze in place. He/she cannot move at all, until another player comes and touches him/her and says “Paani”. The first player is now ‘defrosted’ and can run again.
  4. When the player who is ‘It’ freezes all of the players at once, the game ends.

Additional rules:

  • If ‘It’ freezes you, you cannot move from your place until another player ‘defrosts’ you by touching you and saying “Paani”.
  • If ‘It’ freezes you three times, it is your turn to be ‘It’.

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