Cake Decorating Tips

  • Almost every cake goes well with whipping cream.
  • When you are decorating a cake with whipping cream whip the cream with an electric beater until it forms stiff peaks. Spread the cream on the cake evenly.
  • To make chocolate whipping cream you can beat in melted chocolate or chocolate hazelnut spread.
  • When adding liquid food coloring to whipped cream, place the cream you want to color in a separate bowl. Add only one drop of food coloring. Mix well (a fork is good) and then add more coloring, drop by drop, only if needed.
  • You can use colored whipped cream just like paint while mixing. For example, if you need green cream but only have blue and yellow, mix the two to get green and so on.
  • A kids’ cake looks nice with colorful cream piped over and colored sprinkles. Grown-ups’ cakes look better with darker icing/frosting and maybe some grated chocolate.
  • Mix-and-match different cake decorating ideas to make your very own special type.
  • A good stylish way to decorate a cake is to simply cover it with icing and pipe eight evenly spaced whirls of whipping cream around the edge. If you like you can add cherries on the whipping cream.
  • Another easy way is to again cover the cake with icing and then take a block of chocolate. Use a potato peeler to peel curls from the chocolate. Arrange the curls in the center of the cake. A little powdery chocolate will have come out while you were peeling. Sprinkle it around the curls. The cake is ready to serve!
  • When you are using icing on a cake, the top of the cake should preferably be straight so that the icing spreads evenly. If there is a ‘dome’ on top, the icing will be very thin on the dome and thicker in some other parts. However, because frosting and whipping cream do not spread by themselves like icing, you can use frosting and whipping cream on domed cakes.
  • Iced and frosted cakes should be kept in the fridge, especially those that have solid chocolate on them. Cakes with grated chocolate should have minimal time outside because the tiny curls melt very fast. On the other hand cakes with no icing or frosting can be kept outside for a day or so.
  • It’s a lot of fun to set out the icing/frosting, sprinkles, chocolate and other decorations, then give everyone a muffin and let each person decorate their own. (For older kids – 9+ or so – only.)
  • Don’t be afraid to try any crazy ideas for decorating. In the end you’ll eat it anyway so you don’t have to worry too much about the looks as long as it tastes good. (Of course this isn’t for cakes that you’ll serve to guests.)
  • If you don’t like how you decorated a cake, or if you want to restart, scrape the cream off with a butterknife into a bowl (only if you have put one color.)
  • I wouldn’t recommend doing this, but here’s a story you’ll like to read:

Once we had a bunch of friends over and I had made a cake. I was planning on making icing but I was busy playing. There was some raw batter left in the bowl.

I had a brainwave. I spread the batter over the cake and covered it with grated chocolate. Everyone ate the cake and nobody noticed anything unusual – in fact everyone liked it. I then told my friends what I’d done, who were besides themselves with shock. The news spread to everybody else and, well, I had the rest of the cake mostly to myself after that.

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