Painting Tips

  • Watercolor paints are best off on paper (either normal or slightly thick paper.) If you use too much water while using watercolors, paper will crinkle. I wouldn’t recommend using printing paper or thin paper either, because they crinkle easily. Watercolors work best on white surfaces and can’t be used on stuff other than paper
  • Acrylic paints work on almost anything. However don’t use them on normal paper because it will crinkle too.
  • If you don’t have watercolor tubes, you’ll have a bad time mixing colors (you’ll have to dab the brush in the paint and then on the mixing palette and then on the paint and then on the palette….and so on.) However watercolor pans are easier to use otherwise (by my experience) as you don’t have to keep squeezing the paint from the tube and there’s no leftover paint.
  • Always wash your paintbrushes after usage. ESPECIALLY if you use white glue or acrylics. If the brush hardens, you’re going to have a bad time getting it off.
  • If you unluckily have a hardened paintbrush, follow these steps:
    1. Wash the paintbrush well by placing it under running water and rubbing with your fingers. If the paint doesn’t get off then:
    2. Take a container such as an empty jar or a yogurt container. Put water in it and add dishwashing liquid. Shake well (and remember to cover the jar first or you’ll spill water all over the floor). Then put your hardened paintbrush in it and leave overnight.
    3. Now wash the brush again as in the first step. And if you still have a hardened paintbrush, repeat from step 1. If it doesn’t work after some tries, you’re out of hope – you might have lost your best paintbrush. (Okay, okay, I know it isn’t such a big deal.)
  • Whenever you’re painting, you should wear some old clothes and spread newspaper on your work surface. We have a craft table which is just that, so if paint/marker/pen stains get on it, it’s not a problem.
  • Here’s a secret (not-so-secret anymore, since it’s on the WWW now.) I said to wear old clothes while painting, and that’s because I’ve gotten acrylics on at least three trousers. Normally, dried acrylics get off if you hold the cloth taut and carefully scratch it off. But if it’s been washed, no hope. You’re stuck with the stain. If it’s not been washed yet, use dishwash liquid and some water to make a thick bubbly mixture. Put it on the affected area and rub thoroughly. Rinse and repeat.

I hope you found this post helpful!

DISCLAIMER EXCLAIMER! The featured photo is from the WWW and NOT one I took myself.

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