How to melt chocolate without burning it

Chocolate is like a fussy little princess. If one little thing goes wrong (i.e. temperature) it breaks down completely.

Almost always whenever we (tried to) melt chocolate, we aLwAyS burnt it. Maybe not completely but it was never nice and smooth like melted chocolate should be. But now I found out 3 ways to melt chocolate without burning it….and I’ll share them with you.

Also, if chocolate is overheated or if any steam or water gets into it..well, I guess you could say it’s ruined. It becomes all stiff and granular and loses its nice smooth texture.

3 ways to melt chocolate

  1. The Double Boiler method: Break the chocolate into small pieces or chop it and put it on the top of a double boiler (or a heatproof bowl/pan which fits snugly on top of another; put water in the lower pan and make sure the water does NOT touch the top pan). Bring the water to the boil, turn off the heat and leave until the chocolate has melted. Heat the water again if necessary.
  2. The Direct Melting method: You can melt chocolate over direct heat but only with a liquid added to it, such as milk, water, cream or (for the in-my-opinion extremely weird people who like fruit with chocolate [no offence guys]) some fruit juice. Heat very , very gently, stirring until the chocolate melts.
  3. The Microwave method: Just like with the Direct Melting method, add some liquid to the chocolate. Place in the microwave and turn it on on the maximum heat for 30 seconds. Take out and stir until it’s melted. If it does not melt (has a lot of chocolate left) place it in the microwave again for 15-second intervals, stirring in between until it melts completely.

I hope this post was useful for all chocolate-melters! xD

Method 1 and 2 adapted from Chocolate Cooking by Carole Handslip

DISCLAIMER EXCLAIMER! The featured image on this post is a photo from the Internet.

4 thoughts on “How to melt chocolate without burning it”

  1. jizakillah for sharing those methods. i needed them, whenever i melted chocolate, it would usually get really clumpy and not at all like MELTED chocolate. XD thanks again!


    1. 😀 Glad you found it useful! I supposed I wasn’t the only one who had problems.
      By the way, the microwave method is best for small amounts of chocolate, while the Direct Heat and Double Boiler methods are better for large amounts of chocolate.

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