Cops and Robbers (Chor Police)

A great but very noisy outdoor game.

  • Number of players: At least five; the more the better.
  • Age range: 8+
  • Place needed: The most fun game of Cops and Robbers or Chor Police as we refer to it is in which you play both outside and inside; we have a two-storey house so you as a Robber could be running up the stairs and crash into a Cop. Or you could race out the door only to meet a Cop coming round the corner. Still, you can play it only outdoors.

How to play:

  1. Divide the kids into two groups, the Cops or Police and the Robbers or Chors. Make sure the Chors are more than the Police.
  2. Choose a place to be the ‘jail’, such as ‘behind the pillar is the jail’ or ‘if you are in the jail you have to keep a hand on this thing’ etc. Make sure the jail is easily accessible to everybody.
  3. When the game starts, the Police have to catch the Chors. If a Police catches a Chor the Police leads the Chor to the jail. The Chor has to stay there until another Chor comes, touch him and say ‘You’re free’. Then the Chor is free from the jail. However if nobody comes and ‘frees’ the Chor he/she can NOT escape. Nor can a jailed Chor free another jailed Chor.
  4. When all the Chors are caught by the police the game ends.

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