How to make a Styrofoam egg-carton Pinata

You can see how to make a paper-mache pinata here.

If you want a quick substitute to paper mache, all you need is…

  • 2×6 or larger Styrofoam egg carton/s, depending on how many pinatas you want to make as you can’t fit a lost of things in one egg carton
  • Some sheets of paper (also depending on the number of pinatas)
  • Glue (UHU works best)
  • Transparent tape
  • Rope or thick string
  • Somewhere to hang the pinata
  1. Fill the egg carton/s with candies, chocolates and anything else you want. Cut paper into small squares to make confetti. Make sure you can close the egg carton.
  2. Tape the egg carton closed so that nothing spills out.
  3. Cover the egg carton with a sheet of paper and secure it with UHU and/or tape. Make sure it doesn’t slip off.
  4. Use a big needle to make a hole, preferably through the middle of the carton so that it doesn’t slip out, and thread the rope or string through it. Either tie the ends of the string/rope together or make a big knot in one end and hang the pinata up with the other end. If needed, cover up the hole.
  5. Hang up the pinata.
  6. Have fun tearing it with a stick in the company of some friends!

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