Craft Stick Bookmarks

Note: craft sticks are also called ice-cream sticks and popsicle sticks.

To make a craft stick bookmark, you’ll need:

(please ignore the blurry photo)
  • a craft stick
  • a pocket cutter
  • some markers and/or glitter pens, colors of your choice, OR some acrylic paints
  • paintbrush (if using acrylic paints)
  • a black pen (a permanent pen such as a Sharpie is the best [not included in photo])
  • a good amount of careful-ness

  1. With the cutter or a pencil, carve (so that you can see the lines) or draw two lines from each side on the top of the craft stick so that at the top, the sides slant into a point.
  2. On the other end draw a straight line so that the edge will not be curved anymore.
  3. Using the pocket cutter, cut on the lines you made. Be very careful to not let the cutter slip and cut your hand. (This takes a good deal of practice, so keep some more craft sticks handy!)
  4. Now think up a design to draw on the bookmark. You could have a solid-color background and draw/write something on it, make a design with triangles or squares or anything that comes to your mind. If you want to make a design and write on it, I recommend that you use light colors.
  5. Now that you’ve thought the design up, put it on the craft stick, both sides. Always use a matching-color scheme e.g yellow, orange, red; light and dark green; light and dark blue; pink and purple and so on.
  6. Start reading a book to find a place for your bookmark!
The finished bookmarks

Some suggestions for short quotes to write on the bookmarks:

  • ‘Just one more chapter…’
  • ‘Books are a uniquely portable magic.’
  • ‘I don’t care as long as I have good books.’
  • ‘Happiness is a cup of tea and a good book.’
  • ‘So many books, so little time…’
  • ‘There is no friend as loyal as a book.’

I hope this post was useful! Let me know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and questions in the comments!

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