Fairy Garden Tips

If you’re making a fairy garden, you have to remember that it will not stay perfect. You will have to constantly work on it, every day, and it’s your responsibility. Here are some things you need to remember:

  • Water your fairy garden every day or the plants will dry out, especially if they’re newly planted, and even more if it’s summers.
  • A good rule for watering is less but often. If you pour lots of water into it at a time, the soil will turn to mud – or if you put more water the pot will be flooded and can overflow – and when the soil turns to mud it will cover the plants and decorations, may get into a pond with the water and will also look quite disheveled. But if you water it less, several times a day, the plants will get enough water and the soil will stay in its place.
  • The plants will not stay the same size forever. You may need to cut them down because they often cover up decorations or other plants. Try not to cut off flowers, though.
  • Don’t pull a plant out to put in your fairy garden and leave it out for too long. It will dry out. Do not pull plants out repeatedly.
  • Do not put plants so close together that they get uprooted when you dig another hole.
  • Don’t get upset if a plant dries out or something does not go as well as planned. Failure is almost always inevitable. This is why, when starting off, you should not pull out plants that are the only ones of their kind in the lawn because if it dries out you will not be able to replace it. For example, try planting clovers when you start off because they are everywhere (don’t think they’re ugly; they have beautiful yellow flowers!)
  • Place the fairy garden somewhere which is not getting sunlight all day long. It should be somewhere which is preferably not in direct sunlight because otherwise water will dry up almost as soon as you pour it in.
  • If a plant is half yellow and half green don’t pull it out just yet. It may be mended by watering it a bit more for a few days. Pull plants out only when they are completely yellow/brown.
  • If you have cats, be prepared for their strange antics. We had three water bowls for them, but they would drink water from my well! (You can see a picture of it in this post – it’s tiny.) Their faces would hardly fit in it, but, well, we don’t know what they were thinking!
  • Make sure your gardener does not dig the fairy garden up!

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