How to make a Fairy Garden at home!

You can find everything you need to make a fairy garden in your garden and house.

The first thing you will need is a pot. Remember, everything in a fairy garden depends on the size of the pot—or DSP. And the size of the pot is your choice, of course. The bigger your pot the more things you can put in it, obviously. The pot should be filled almost till the top with dirt and should have a hole or two in the bottom for water drainage. A good pot size is 10 – 12 inches diameter.

Plan your fairy garden before you start on a paper and decide what you want to put on it.

Main Thing:

The next thing you need is something to main put in the pot like a small house, which DSP. You can make your house from craft sticks or hardening clay or use a toy house. I used a house which had been a decoration.  If you don’t have a house, it’s perfectly fine—you can use a bench, a table-chair set, a waterfall, a tent or a swing! Some well-placed things like that make a fairy garden look really pretty.

You can look up ideas on the Internet for benches or table-chair set DIYs. You can also use toys, or make them with craft sticks (also known as ice cream sticks or popsicle sticks) or even wood if you have enough patience to cut and smooth small pieces.

For a waterfall, check out this link:

Wait for my blog post on a Fairy Garden Swing to see how to make one!


Next, put any rocks you want in the pot. You can use small pebbles you find in your garden, or gravel (this may be in your house or street, or you can get it in most parking lots). The rocks also DSP. Wash them well before you use them, and dry them completely. You can make a gravel path or a sculpture, or add pebbles to a decoration (see Decorations). You can paint rocks too.


You don’t need to buy plants for this. Lots of small plants look better than one or two big plants. The best plants are the little weeds you can find in your garden, nestled between larger plants, or hidden in the grass. If you look carefully, you can find a lot of pretty little weeds. To uproot a plant, moisten the soil around it with a little water. Start with a strong plant which has a lot of its type in the place, not a small one which is the only one of its type around. Hold the part of the plant near the ground, from its stem, firmly but not hard enough to break it. Then pull it gently out. If it’s refusing to budge, pour more water and move it gently from side to side as you pull it out. Sometimes plants don’t get out at all. If that happens, try another plant.

Once you have your plant out, take it carefully to the fairy garden pot, dig a hole slightly larger than the roots and set it in. Put more soil on it and press it down gently. Try to make it stand upright. Give it a bit of water, but don’t turn the soil into mud, ever. It will ruin any decorations or rocks.

Try to put different plants in the pot and around the same size. Make sure to leave spaces for any decorations you want to put later, and make sure they don’t cover up the Main Thing etc. If it’s spring, most plants will bloom. And if it’s winter, don’t pull out plants. There’s no knowing if they might produce beautiful flowers in spring!


Wait for my blog posts on a Fairy Garden Well, Swing and Rockery!

You can make “lights” by hanging white beads on sticks, you can put pistachio shells around the edges of a pot for “pebbles”, make a path in the soil with gravel, or make a fence with craft sticks painted white. You could tuck bits of broken mirror or glittery pieces of wood, metal or plastic into the soil. You can sprinkle glitter over the fairy garden.

If you want to make a pond, all you need is a round or square container – clear or brown (you can paint one with waterproof acrylic paints). Its size is, of course, DSP. Its rim shouldn’t be too high or too low, because if it’s too high you’ll have to dig a very deep hole and if it’s too low it won’t look like a pond at all. It should be wide enough to look like a pond, too.

Dig a hole slightly bigger than the container, then put it in. Don’t get any dirt in the container – however if you have a brown container dirt won’t be noticeable – and then press dirt around it. Try to not leave part of the container sticking up, because that looks bad. And ta-da, your pond is in place! Remember to fill it with water after putting it in place – that makes the job easier. And also remember you’ll have to keep refilling it!

You could try making water lilies from foil and painting them and putting them in the pond. If you want you could put blue coloring or paint in the water, too.

Remember, I’m posting these just to give you ideas. Don’t forget to add things from your own – it’s your fairy garden, put whatever you want in it! There’s no knowing how much better your ideas can be than mine 🙂 See the pictures below for some ideas.

I hope this blog post was helpful. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Some good ideas from the Internet:

Pictures of my fairy garden:

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