Cat Profiles: Muffin & Chloe

Muffin is a male cat our friends gave to us, along with his sister Chloe.

They came in I think August or September 2018. They were quite small at the time, and before, they’d stayed exclusively indoors. When they came to our house was the first time they stayed for more than five minutes somewhere which had grass, trees, plants, dirt and the open sky.

At that time, we had two cats from Neko’s first litter of kids: Oreo and Chocolate (you can see Neko’s profile and Oreo’s and Chocolate’s is coming soon) who were at first shocked to see Muffin and Chloe, who had long hair just like Persians. Oreo and Chocolate had never seen anything like them before, and when they saw each other they hissed and Neko’s kids ran.

Muffin is a white-and-orange tabby while Chloe was calico. Chloe was playful, while Muffin is a bit of a dope. Chloe thoroughly enjoyed shuffling her paws in the grass and was delighted when they made rustling sounds. They played quite a lot from the first day.

At first my mom said they were not at all allowed inside, but then she saw them and thought they were very cute, and they were a lot like two of our previous cats Pazo and Cado (I will do a post on them) and Muffin had a respiratory problem – he panted in the heat. So, they were allowed in one of the upstairs rooms, but poor Muffin didn’t stop panting. Later on they were allowed in a downstairs room, which’s window opened outside, so they came and went as they pleased during the afternoon when it got hot. They weren’t used to being outside in the afternoon heat so they slept under the bed on the cool tiles until it got cooler in the evening. Slowly we got them out of the room and into the house….until they could come inside. All over the house. (And it was gradual, so my mom didn’t mind…..we’re sneaky! XD)

The two play-fought a lot. It was hilarious to watch, and they went on for ages. They were also very close, and slept together, often licking each other. Chocolate got more furr-iendly with them a bit later, but Oreo after a long time. Oreo would go up on the terrace and we would feed, play with and pat her there, and she spent all day in the back portion where Muffin and Chloe didn’t come, or the terrace, or the neighbor’s house. Slowly, though, she got a bit friendly and then they became best friends – sleeping and eating together all the time!

Unfortunately, one day in the winter of 2018, Chloe simply disappeared. I went out and she was there, I went out again a while later and she was nowhere to be seen.

We asked in the street, we sent out flyers, we looked around, we called her but to no avail. 😦 She disappeared without trace and to this day we have no idea what happened.

We do have theories, though. We think that maybe because she was very pretty and had long hair, which is literally unseen wandering around in Islamabad, she might have been kitten-napped. (A friend of ours lost a cat quite similar to Chloe; a few weeks later a man returned her saying he’d taken her to Lahore!) Or maybe she went on the main road or the jungle at the end of our street, or the street beside our street and something happened.But, at the end only Allah knows.

A recent photo of Muffin in a deep sleep.

But we still have Muffin. He is extremely fat and just a bit dopey, and has a passion for playing with small things. He picks up a small rubber ball he plays with in his mouth and carries it around and even chews it. He plays with nothing else. We have a large cushion swing – the type which is a large seat with a cushion which does not swing hard – and he sleeps in it all the time, probably because it is very soft. And he once caught a bird. He is quite friendly with other cats, and likes Pirate a lot. The two sleep together all the time.

August 2019 update: Muffin is one year old now. He’s grown a lot and is still a lazy, greedy, lovable furball. He spends his time licking himself, sleeping and disappearing for one or two days every once in a while.

November 2019 update: On 17th November 2019, around 12 PM, Muffin passed away at the age of about 1 and 1/2 years due to jaundice and anemia. He was given a decent burial. He lived a very happy and food-filled life – R.I.P., Muffin.

All in all, Muffin and Chloe were a quite cute, fat, and adorable pair! xD

3 thoughts on “Cat Profiles: Muffin & Chloe”

  1. i heard people say when the cat is dying it disapear i read caspar price of cats i am sad te cat disapeard pleas check that if cats are dyind do thay disapear


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