Cat Profile: Pirate

Pirate is from the second litter of Neko’s kids. When he was really small – Neko hadn’t abandoned him yet, and he was a scaredy-cat – he was in the engine of our car when it started.

Pirate the Acrobat….

The car was quickly turned off, because the driver thought he heard something inside the car. We ran outside – we were really worried that the car had turned off because a cat had blocked the engine – and we could see the kitten’s legs. He didn’t move for a while.

He was deep down in the car’s front and my sister managed to put her long arm in and get him out. At first we thought he was dead, but then he moved a little. My sister checked his legs and back – Alhamdulillah, no broken bones or sprains or anything – but then he turned around, and his eye was bleeding.

We didn’t know what to do, and he was hiding his face. We just read Adhkaar on him and put him on a pillow and left him in a cool place so Neko would come and maybe lick him or something.

Ma sha Allah, after his accident, he became really friendly! His eye healed at first, but then it got worse again so we took him to the vet – he was friendly enough by then. It turned out he had gotten an eye infection.

The vet cleaned his eye and gave us some drops to put in. We did, and till this day his eye is in great shape.

Note Pirate’s injured eye and his amazing whiskers!

Apparently though, the car’s fan hat hit his eye, so it’s still a bit different – dark and his eyeball is slightly out of shape. But he’s the smartest of the 23+ cats we’ve had. Guess what he does?

Give up?

He opens the door.

Yup! Even though he’s still quite small right now, he jumps till the handle, hooks his paws around it and pulls it down. Now we have to keep the door locked at all times, otherwise all the Cat Army comes trotting in. (Okay, okay, maybe not the army – just the top three generals, then).

He is extremely friendly, and no sooner do I sit down that he climbs into my lap. Often if I’m standing up, he tries to climb up my leg or hooks his claws into my shirt. He purrs practically all the time!

Well, that’s Pirate’s story. Hope you enjoyed it – stay tuned for more on our cats, their stories and their accomplishments!

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